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Traditional T handles now available online from FDB Panel Fittings

T handles – ( or Tee handles) are a traditional and comfortable way of operating latches with or without key locks. Generally a simple fit into a keyed hole and assembled with a back-nut to provide a cam or tab latch, they are available in zinc die, polyamide or stainless steel – many of them are compatible with multi point locking systems by using rod mechanisms to provide an additional two points of closure. This enhances security especially on large cabinet doors both in terms of sealing and preventing unauthorised opening – while still enabling single handed opening/closing.Round rods from FDB

T handles and Rod mechanisms can be found at our Online store – or please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Multi point rod locking systems from FDB

Multi point rod locking systems – sometimes called espagnolette arrangements – are a mainstream layout for closure of larger cabinets and generally give a three point pull down of the door gasket as well as securing against unauthorised opening. Typically the rods are operated by a locking handle such as a swinghandle or traditional L/T type where the lock mechanism provides the third and central closing latch. Rod systems can be used on larger doors or access panels eg over a metre on a side where security of closure is important or where flexibility of the door requires support by tying in to the cabinet frame. Rod locking systems are available in component form from our Online Store – or contact our team for advice.

Round rods from FDB

Rod latches and multipoint rod locking systems are a convenient way to spread gasket pull down forces around the periphery of a large cabinet door to enhance sealing, while the multiple latching points provide better resistance to unauthorised opening. They can be coupled with a simple quarter turn latch or lock, or with any of a wide selection of swinghandles including robust vandal resistant types. We offer a wide range of round rods in steel and stainless steel with fixing eye or rollers ex-stock from our Online store and have flat rods available to order.

For guidance on multi-point locking, refer to our Knowledge Base article KB02.1

Multipoint locking rods from FDB

Often it seems the unsung heroes of cabinet locking are the rods and rod guides which actuate the locking mechanism to ensure multi-point closure and gasket pull down – these are the components which ensure closure and sealing of large cabinet doors, and which connect to the lock and facilitate secure access control.

Here at FDB Panel Fittings we have a wide stock of standard round rod styles and lengths in stock – available from our Online store – which are compatible with our Swinghandles and quarter turn latch locks. We also have stainless steel round and flat rods for where that added robustness or corrosion resistance is required.


New IP65 2 point cabinet latching

22 February 2017
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The DIRAK 6-501 2 point latching system provides rod locking operation with an IP65 profile cylinder suited to industrial control and equipment cabinets where its clean installation without external knobs or handles offers a smooth “no catch” external surface. Unusually the 6-501 is offered in both vertical and horizontal configurations so that it can be […]

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Rods for multi-point locks – round rods, flat rods,

12 August 2016
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Our Online shop has a great range of the most popular rod components for multi-point cabinet locking systems, with round and flat rods in many lengths, together with suitable rod guides, as well as rod eyes and adapters to set up your 2 or 3 point closure correctly. Quarter turn lock and rod systems are also available […]

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Cabinet Locking Rods Online

21 August 2014

Our Online store is proving of great interest to specialist panel builders and when it comes to control cabinets or server cabinets with large doors then multi-point locking is generally required for security and protection purposes – so we have incorporated a great selection of cabinet locking rods and rod latches into our ex-stock program just a […]

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Guidance on Multi-Point Locking

9 January 2014

Adding to our new Knowledge Base range of downloadable data sheets, we have recently issued a version which covers Multi-Point locking for secure latching of doors. This is intended to serve our specialist panel builder customers in electrical controls/distribution, electronics, telecoms and related industries. Both pre-assembled complete systems and bespoke modular systems are addressed for […]

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High speed rod guide

29 August 2012

Fixing of cabinet door hardware, like locking systems, can be a bit fiddly – so manufacturers are taking serious steps to reduce the time taken on this task. Consequently, we are delighted with this clip-on rod guide for flat rods. This quick push on guide fits to an M6 weld stud and then accepts a […]

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Panel Fittings for Commercial vehicles

13 August 2012

Our engineers have been aware that commercial vehicle manufacturers have special requirements for their components – for example specific hinges and lock inserts. Consequently we are now pleased to offer a range of transport related hardware with the durability to withstand high vibration environments with a high degree of vandal-resistance built-in. These are particularly applicable to utility […]

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