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1110 quick-fit 120 degree hinge from FDB Panel Fittings for lay-on cabinet doors

We love hinges here at “Panel Fittings” so we have pages and pages of them at our Online store in many types and styles; including lift-off, screw-on, weld-on, surface mounted, concealed, continuous and butt hinges.

2 stage hinges for flush doors from FDB Panel FittingsAvailable in zinc die, polyamide, steel and stainless steel according to specification.


180° die cast butt hinges now available online from FDB Panel Fittings Traditional die-cast hinges from FDB Panel Fittings

Then we have a couple of Knowledge Base articles KB02.1 and KB04.1  and a handy Hinge Calculator tool also available here. hinge calculator tool

Surface mounted 120 degree door hinge with secured hinge pin from FDB Panel Fittings

Our new 4-124 120° concealed hinge is designed for surface mounted doors on specialist enclosures and cabinets where it enables easy door removal/re-fitting without loss of the securely retained hinge pin.

Service, maintenance or repair of equipment may be carried out with peace of mind knowing that the hinge pin is held in place with a cleverly designed clip in POM plastic. This mechanism also ensures that the pin does not shake free when subject to vibration during transport for example or onsite during installation.

The 4-124 is available for weld-on or screw-on fitment (zinc plated steel with M6 screws) in either LH or RH configurations.

FDB hinge range

Buy hinges online at the FDB online store and use our hinge calculator to work out what ex-stock hinges you need. With nearly 200 different hinges to choose from for everything from specialist electrical and electronic cabinets to office or domestic cupboard and room doors our FDB Online store is the place for quick supply of standard hinges of all types in plastic, steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Easy ordering and ex-stock delivery backed up by an expert sales team make buying hinges easy – and if you still can’t find what you need then we can help with non-stock or custom hinges.

1110 quick-fit 120° hinge for lay-on cabinet doors

We now have EMKA’s 1110 quick-fit 120° hinge for lay-on doors available in our growing portfolio of specialist enclosure hardware. These robust zinc die hinges enable panel builders to quickly install a removable 25mm return door with electrical safety compliance using just 2 off vibration proof screws and a retained hinge pin system.

The 1110 hinge fits a single door edge cut out and is positively retained and earthed. The door may be quickly removed for installation or service access by operation of 2 retained locking hinge pins.

See our range of panel hinges for enclosures and cabinets at our Online shop and FDB Panel Fittings main website.

Lift-off butt hinges now available at the Online Store

10 June 2015

Our 60mm butt hinges are now available ex-stock from the Online Store in self-colour or black zinc die. These commonly used hinges are easily fitted externally on wall mounted enclosures or other cabinets and access panels which require full 270° opening and lift-off capability. Their robust construction means they are suitable for a wide range of […]

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FDB visit RailTex

15 May 2015

A couple of our senior people – Gary Miles, MD and Sophie Carter, Marketing/Sales – paid a visit to RailTex yesterday and enjoyed the “buzz” at the NEC. The rail industry is an important one for us as we have many standard locks,  vibration proof locks, compression locks and hinges – including a range of stainless steel products […]

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Enter the “Black” with our new Torpedo hinge

30 July 2014

We are pleased to announce availability of our popular torpedo hinge in a “Black” version. These torpedo-style hinges are widely used in traditional chrome plated finish for electrical cabinets and enclosures, allowing doors to be quickly mounted or removed from frames. The new FDB “Black” version is both aesthetically pleasing and offers good corrosion resistance in normal […]

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More Cabinet and Enclosure Hinges Online

14 July 2014

We are delighted to now have even more hinges in stock than ever before including : friction hinges, polyamide hinges, concealed hinges, lift off hinges, Snapline hinges, butt/leaf hinges, continuous hinges and surface mounted hinges. Also of course we now have many of these available from our online store where we currently have 91 types […]

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Following our hinge related theme …….

30 April 2014

Our catalogue Hinge section includes a good selection of internal concealed hinges, flush hinges and butt hinges – straight, cranked and offset. Traditional bullet and continuous piano hinges feature as do sophisticated architectural and very simple pin hinges. Materials vary from zinc diecast and brass through mild steel and stainless steel to reinforced polyamide engineering plastic. […]

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Traditional British hinges

31 August 2012

The Traditional British 76mm Panel Hinge has been a mainstay of the UK’s panel building industry for many years so we are pleased to now offer an updated and re-engineered series of these well-known panel mount “bullet” hinges, featuring improved low friction washer and cost reduced manufacture using the latest die-cast processes which provide enhanced rigidity […]

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