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Home Lift-off and other diecast hinges for heavy enclosure doors

Lift-off and other diecast hinges for heavy enclosure doors

FDB Panel Fittings – diecast hinges

We are pleased to offer traditional style diecast hinges for use on the outside of enclosures where they can facilitate lift-off operation, to ensure easy removal of doors for access to internal equipment during installation or maintenance. They provide a robust door mounting with an industrial aesthetic that suits heavy doors and multi-compartment cabinets with lay-on doors, which is ideal for industrial/commercial/office/retail enclosures for machine tool equipment – also factory controls, distribution panels, HVAC access, safety guards, IT/Telco cabinets, processing equipment and similar.

This popular range of hinges are now available ex-stock for urgent delivery from the FDB Online store. Mounting is by means of cast-in mounting studs which are simply inserted through pre-punched holes and secured with internal nuts. Installation can be arranged with both hinges oriented in the same direction for lift-off or with one up and one down to lock the door in place so it is not removable. Extra-large or heavy doors may be accommodated with three or four hinge units to provide additional capacity.

Other diecast hinges are offered in the associated range where butt hinges and pedestal hinges suit flush doors and internal hinges provide a fully concealed installation with separate screw fixing. Diecast hinges can be supplied in black or natural self-colour for overpainting to match the panel appearance. Internally mounted hinges do not lift off and are fixed with separate screws.