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DIRAK DST stainless steel fastener from FDB Panel Fittings

The DIRAK D-Snap components system enables panel builders and installers to save time and money with click-together panels. Now this robust technology is available from our team here at FDB Panel Fittings, in a stainless steel format developed for applications that need to be permanently fixed on one side and easily removable on the other.

Their first component offering is the DST fastener to suit 30×10 cutout so bringing DST assembly to cabinets for external environments. The fastener has a clamping range of 0.8-3mm with a pull-out force of up to 50N. Suitable for panels, hollow sections or complete housings, the fastener can be installed in a recessed position for flush mounting.

FDB Panel Fittings accessories

The daily work of building specialist panels for control or power distribution involves the assembly of many components and here at FDB Panel Fittings we are dedicated to supply of those components in a timely manner – our Online store covers many of these accessory components to make assembly easier and to provide that professional finish to your completed panel. Here we have a selection from the store including finger pulls, pin hinges, sealing caps, slide bolts, catches, lock covers, C clips, star washers, document wallet, door stay with many others elsewhere.

Pinet soft-close aluminium hinges from FDB Panel Fittings

Soft-close is a feature much admired among operators of equipment covers and doors for making usage more comfortable, more user friendly and potentially safer.

Consequently, we are pleased to launch the new PINET dampening hinges in aluminium which offer a 115° soft-close in three configurations.

Two torque damping levels are available to suit both lightweight and heavier doors in a range of industrial and office/domestic applications.

These clear anodized hinges are robust and appropriate for a multitude of industrial applications while also discretely installed where a “low-key” presence is required.

When paired with a matching spring hinge than an automatic soft-close action is possible. A system which does not require a latching mechanism unless security calls for it.

Rocfast lock assembly from FDB Panel Fittings now offers up to IP67 sealing

Our ROCFAST assembly logistics program ensures that specialist panel builders get the right specification of lock or latch while saving time and saving cost. A call to our team here at Panel Fittings will take a customer through the multi step selection process of choosing the right sizes of components, right lock variant and right sealing option, perhaps compiling a fitting pack with hinges and gasket so that it can all be assembled and delivered where it is needed, when required.

See also our ROCFAST guides for when you want to browse through the process.

We take the stress and chore out of locks so all you have to do is fit them!

New sprung and un-sprung concealed PINET hinges

14 June 2019
Thumbnail image for New sprung and un-sprung concealed PINET hinges

These new PINET 7 axis multi-link hinges from our online store offer concealed and sprung door opening for overlay and nested doors. Their spring counterbalance allows for easy operation while the multi-link design ensures accurate and positive closure. This new design hinge is fitted internally to the frame/door corner from where it offers a 110° […]

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Hardware Online – in stock with fast delivery

7 June 2019
Thumbnail image for Hardware Online – in stock with fast delivery

Featuring a wide selection of products from FDB Electrical and FDB Panel Fittings, we have designed our  Online store to provide you with a speedy means of viewing, selecting and purchasing the desired item/s. This includes our range of locks and components, hinges, handles, sealing, rods, stays, keys, fasteners and joiners, stainless steel hardware, enclosed and panel mounting electrical […]

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New PINET concealed parallelogram hinges

1 June 2019
Thumbnail image for New PINET concealed parallelogram hinges

We recently launched this new range of PINET concealed internally mounting parallelogram hinges for the specialist panel building and related industries. For example, payment terminals, vending machines, timetable boards, special vehicles, gaming machines and of course in our current climate the growing electric vehicle charging terminal markets. Parallelogram hinges offer an easy to operate hinging […]

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Panel Fittings – protect your quarter-turn locks with new flap lid

18 May 2019
Thumbnail image for Panel Fittings – protect your quarter-turn locks with new flap lid

As enclosure hardware specialist we are delighted to introduce a very neat DIRAK accessory which greatly aids protection of quarter-turn locks. This spring-loaded flap lid is a new/retro-fit accessory that punches well above its weight by protecting against the build-up of dirt, dust and driving rain from interfering with easy operation of the keylock or […]

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Innovative new DIRAK hinge launched by our Panel Fittings team

2 May 2019
Thumbnail image for Innovative new DIRAK hinge launched by our Panel Fittings team

The new DIRAK hinge Pr01 now launched by our Panel Fittings team marks an innovative approach to the time-saving installation of IP65/67 hinging for specialist enclosures. DIRAK believe that to meet the requirements of industrial applications, panel hinges must be sturdy, robust and durable. Additionally, they should offer simple assembly, high strength and flexible usage. […]

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ROCFAST Stainless Steel quarter turns available ex-stock

26 April 2019
Thumbnail image for ROCFAST Stainless Steel quarter turns available ex-stock

Under our ROCFAST system customers can simply – pick a housing, pick an insert, pick a cam – tell us where you want them, how you want them assembled, how many you want when and where – then let us do the rest. A good example of this is accessible ex-stock through our Online store […]

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