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Dirak Swinghandle with combination lock and key cylinder from FDB Panel Fittings

Multi-factor authentication for equipment locking is a growing demand in securing access to industrial enclosures and cabinets, so this new swinghandle introduction is a welcome new offering. It provides the benefits of two factor mechanical authorisation, along with IP65 sealing protection for installations where extra security is required. This could suit small server racks or other data and machine control installations in industrial situations where the added level of security can be gained simply and quickly at lower cost than equivalent electronic products.

The DIRAK combination swinghandle is designed for wall mounting enclosures and free standing cabinets (or suites of cabinets) and is convenient to use since it incorporates both a 3 digit combination lock and a profile key cylinder in a standard swinghandle footprint. Fitment is quick and simple using the common 50mmx25mm cutout for LH or RH installation in doors of 1.5mm to 2.5mm thickness. The swinghandle configuration ensures that a low profile is achieved to minimise protrusion in narrow corridors so reducing the risk of catching on clothing while presenting a much reduced opportunity for unauthorised opening.


Stainless steel IP65 swinghandle from FDB Panel Fittings

As the UK engineering industry moves forward again we notice a particular trend toward stainless steel hardware, and are delighted that we can offer a selection of swinghandles in AISI 316 to IP65 with one variant especially offering anti-vandal characteristics such as:

  • The elegant, low profile design and the extremely narrow gap between handle and body.
  • Profile cylinder located within the dish.
  • A cage that protects the locking cylinder from being deliberately pushed or forced through.
  • A low profile which prevents the handle being used as a climbing aid. Dirak Anti vandal swinghandle from FDB Panel Fittings

These are available from stock for urgent delivery from our Online store where we carry a wide range of matching hardware including hinges, quarter turns, sealing/gasket strip, rods, stays, handles and fastener/joiners.

FDB Continuous-Piano hinges for heavy panels

Now available from the FDB Online store are our stainless steel continuous/piano hinges in 1800mm lengths with 30 mm and 25 mm widths to provide full height support for heavy panels. Because they are fixed along the whole length of a door they augment the rigidity of large panels and distribute the weight evenly into the frame while providing additional security, owing to their tamper-proof design.

These hinges are especially suitable for simple sheet panels and can be particularly effective on top edges of large flaps, doors and access panels. Other applications include narrow high trafficked areas where their low profile can aid space-saving and a smooth finished aesthetic. AISI 304 construction confers excellent strength and corrosion resistance for ease of use and long service life.


FDB11s DC immune ex-stock

You have a rush job – perhaps an installation/repair of a mains power system adjacent to a railway where electrical safety is paramount but made more complex by the high level of DC interference nearby. FDB Electrical have a range of DC immune RCBOs available ex-stock – our FDB11 series can be ordered from our Online store for urgent delivery. Contact here for more information.

FDB stainless wing knob

Our rapid service Online store now includes IP65 wing handles in zinc die, polyamide and stainless steel for quarter turn latching and keylocking – also for padlocks. Wing knobs are a compact solution to access control for enclosures where closure requires more force than a key can provide but where size must be minimised – and protrusion reduced to aid safety in confined spaces where snagging on loose clothing may be an issue.

FDB Bullet style lift-off hinges for cabinets and panels

Bullet style – or otherwise “corner” or “torpedo” hinges, from our Online store, are so-called because of their shape and ability to fit right up to the corner of a panel – so providing an industrial-style aesthetic that allows a large door with a narrow frame for excellent space-saving and easy lift-off door removal.

Larger format bullet hinges – once common on fridge doors (and so sometimes referred to as “fridge hinges”) are often selected for their traditional flange fixing style and characteristic shape, which is popular for many applications.

Simple and robust, bullet hinges are available ex-stock in self-colour, black, or chrome, usually with rear screw fixing, otherwise with through flange fixing depending on the styling.

Dirak quarter-turn hygiene latch from FDB

We are delighted to be able to focus on locks and latches in stainless steel which we stock in-depth and offer at our Online store for urgent delivery. Quarter turns of this type are much in demand at present for hygiene areas, general food processing, outdoor, and other corrosion-affected environments where robust stainless steel resists the effects of arduous conditions.

Polished stainless steel latches are available in T or L formats with or without cylinder key locks or with standard insert patterns – eg square, triangular, etc. also as swinghandles. Most provide IP65 protection but some are rated at IP67 and IP69.

FDB Hinges Online with rear stud fixing for looks and security

Rear stud fixing hinges ex-stock from FDB Panel Fittings Online Store offer good external aesthetic design to enhance the finished enclosure or cabinet, while providing enhanced security, as the fixings are not accessible from outside the body of the housing. Stud fixings also speed assembly since there are no fiddly screws to deal with and retaining nuts are more easily fitted to firmly positioned studs – so saving time and enhancing quality.

Stud fixing hinges include traditional lift-off block or “bullet” hinges, also aesthetic flap styles while extra functions are offered with spring and friction hinges. Many stud fixing hinges are available in stainless steel e.g. AISI 316 for corrosive environments and extra heavy use.

FDB enclosure door gasket seals

Our Online store is a great place to source your enclosure hardware from stock on quick delivery – we have all the main types of enclosure and cabinet sealing strips for doors and for glazing to facilitate windows in panels.

This includes sections to fit door channels and “P” type designs with clip-on spines to fit frame or door edges. Specialist window clamping sections and self-adhesive closed-cell gasket are available in a variety of sizes.

FDB hinges with removable pins for specialist panels

As a market-leading specialist hardware company we have addressed the needs of panel builders and installers with a range of removable pin hinges – now available ex-stock for urgent delivery from our Online Shop. Easily removable hinge pins facilitate better access during manufacture and installation by allowing doors to be removed from enclosures and cabinets then simply refitted when each process has been completed.

Hinges with removable pins are offered in stainless steel for extra robust usage or corrosion resistance. Various types are offered including polyamide, steel, zinc die and stainless steel – concealed pins are not accessible when the door is closed but are quickly removable when open so that installation, service, adjustment and repairs may be easily achieved.