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FDB enclosure hardware hinges

There are times in any production project when a critical component is needed urgently – when that component is a panel door hinge the FDB Online store can help with various types and styles; including lift-off, screw-on, weld-on, surface mounted, concealed, continuous and butt hinges. There are detent, spring, torque/friction and continuous types as well as regular butt designs and internal mounting varients.

They are available in zinc die, polyamide, steel and stainless steel according to specification, they are designed to suit industrial applications of all types and sizes and are carried ex-stock for rapid delivery.

FDB Panel Fittings – The Latch Solution

Keeping supply chains open and flexible, and working fast is a major challenge for all in the manufacturing sector – rarely more so than in the case of equipment for time-critical installations such as power supply and control systems where packaged systems must be completed, delivered and installed – timely delivery of even a latching mechanism may be vital. The Online team here at FDB Panel Fittings are delighted to announce our solution. This encompasses ex-stock urgent delivery of a wide range of Cam latches with barrel body and inserts, often resembling a nut or screwhead and so referred to as a “spanner” lock, a type of quarter turn mechanism for secure closure of cabinet and enclosure doors.

This Online offering also includes compression latches, while other versions incorporate a cylinder type lock for additional security which are held as large stocks so as to enable quick delivery. Since locks and latches are frequently the last item fitted to a cabinet on the production line or even at the installation stage – and can therefore hold up delivery of the whole project – Online selection can reduce this problem.

Various latch types can be swapped if necessary, including cam adaptors which enable the use of multi-point rod lock systems for enhanced sealing and security while tabs/cams are available in differing lengths and step/height configurations to match varying door/frame dimensions. The Online service includes our popular Rocfast assembly and logistics package which ensures delivery of assembled latches or locks in bulk or as kits – otherwise contact us direct to discuss your requirements.

Quarter turn locks Online from FDB Panel Fittings

Here at FDB Panel Fittings, we are delighted to announce the exemplary range of standard quarter-turn locks which use industry-standard cut-outs for ease of fitment to cabinets and enclosures across the industrial and office environment. These ex-stock products are offered with varying lengths of bodies and cams to suit differing door and frame depths so that designers and production engineers can get urgent delivery to match their needs, whatever the size of the housing, and to suit shallow or deep doors with appropriate frames.

Gary Miles (our MD here at Panel Fittings) comments that we have referred to extensive customer feedback over many years in order to establish the specifications of these quarter turn locks, which are offered in polyamide, zinc die and stainless steel, also with finishes such as black, chrome or polished stainless.

Gary explains that e.g., corrosion resistance, cost parameters or anti-vandal needs. Speed and ease of fitment are conferred with the use of standard industry cut-outs to ensure quick, easy and reliable fitment so as to save time in production or installation on site.

These quarter turn locks and latches are available for right or left-handed operation and come with all the convenience of a wide selection of tabs/cams and varying body lengths to enable simple matching to door/frame dimensions – pre-assembly under our Rocfast banner is an important and popular service feature.

New levelling feet

We were so impressed with these new levelling feet from our sales partner DIRAK that we thought they warranted a deeper look – so here we go –

  1. This design uses a larger than normal ball that increases the area of contact between the components of the Levelling Foot, and thus the force that can be absorbed by the product.
  2. The force is directed downward, not to the sides, thanks to a unique design of the base plate—preventing the plate from breaking due to horizonal load.
  3. The base plate of the DIRAK Levelling Foot can be designed smaller relative to the load. This space-saving method makes it possible to mount the Levelling Foot closer to the edge of products, which is especially advantageous for housings that stand next to each other.
  4. The PA plate provides a firm, stable base. Customers can choose between two sizes to better fit their applications.
  5. To prevent the Levelling Foot from slipping, the anti-slip insert (6) is included in the scope of delivery. It also absorbs vibrations and protects the floor against abrasion.

Contact us to discuss your needs

DC immune RCDs FDB11 and FDB2

Now is usually the time for regular Railway maintenance, moving through the months of summer/autumn to ensure equipment is ready to deal with the demands of winter. This year has been slightly different with intermittent strikes which have put special demands on scheduling of these maintenance and repair works. Our FDB Online store has been very helpful in fulfilling availability of the specialist units required throughout this highly variable scheduling period.

The need to update/upgrade electrical systems has put an especial demand on the FDB range of approved Network Rail DC immune protection devices. These include the FDB2 Multiway RCBO which offers 2,3 or 4-way multi-circuit protection in a single enclosure, and features modular construction housings with double pole 110/230V equipment, MCB ratings from 10A to 32A featuring rated trip currents of 20mA, 30mA or 100mA.

FDB11 units in ratings from 10amp to 100amp offer general purpose RCD protection as approved Network Rail DC immune enclosed units with 20 or 30, or 100mA devices. Units conform to relevant RCD and MCB standards.

DIRAK swinghandle range from FDB Panel Fittings

Swinghandles for cabinets and large enclosures have always been a stylish solution to provision of low profile locking with good leverage for multi-point rod locking systems and it is worth considering the range of options that are now available for inserts or locks, with one or two keys, padlocking options and remote electronic security.

Trimline IP65 swinghandles from FDB Panel Fittings

Materials now include Polyamide, zinc die and stainless steel. IP ratings of IP 65 are common so will suit the great majority of applications.

FDB Online hardware ex-stock for urgent delivery

It is great that our Online store is proving a valuable resource to panel builders and installers now that UK manufacturing industry is in a growth phase once again. The FDB Online store features an extensive range of locks, swinghandles, hinges, handles, sealing gaskets, rod locks, door stays and other enclosure/cabinet accessories. These are held in stock for urgent delivery and come together with the Rocfast lock assembly and logistics service.

We are proud to provide probably the UK’s largest range of locks, hinges, handles and accessories for virtually all industrial applications. This supply process continuously focuses on an ability to provide a friendly personal service based on detailed product knowledge and experience with an extensive product range. The portfolio encompasses everything from cable management support systems to cabinet hinges, enclosure gasketing and locking systems, which include many stainless steel variants and anti-vandal handle designs – with extensive stock holding we expect to deliver most items direct from our warehouse.

Under our banner of the Rocfast brand the sales team are frequently able to achieve significant reductions in purchasing/admin time and effort with this well proven “Just in time” service for all those low-value but critical components. This means just one order, one invoice, one payment and the components can be on the production line when needed.

Our Online store shares coverage with FDB Electrical who have been specialists in the field of electrical protection for more than half a century, and have an enviable reputation throughout the world for quality, innovation and service. Consequently, the store makes available RCDs for personnel or plant protection, Earth Continuity Monitors and a wide range of ancillary devices, all providing the optimum in design and reliability.

These own brand protective devices can also be incorporated into wall/floor mounting enclosures and bespoke switchgear packages; all designed and manufactured in-house, to suit virtually any industrial application.

Our team would like to point out that they are proud to have been supplying the MOD support industries with specialist equipment to protect personnel and equipment of the UK Armed Forces worldwide since the mid-1970s.

Traditional Stainless Steel L and T handles for cabinet locking from FDB Panel Fittings

Traditional T and L style cabinet and enclosure handles have been a mainstay of the housing hardware market for the duration of living memory but there are additional developments – like stainless steel varients for hygiene areas. Many T and L handles are simply latch handles but most are also available with associated locks usually integrated into the handle itself. Sealing levels available are variable dependent on requirements from simple low level non rated items for office or indoor industrial applications up to IP 65/67 to suit washdown areas.

Our Online store offers an extensive stock of both styles and many designs for urgent delivery to production line or installation site.

See here for our Online selection or contact us for assistance.

FDB Panel Fittings stainless compression latches with wing knob inserts

New stainless steel compression latches to IP65/67 allow flexible use, especially in outdoor situations where their wing knob inserts enable quick and easy operation even with a gloved hand. Clamping compression of a full 6mm provides full gasket seating for a high level of protection against ingress of dirt and water or other contaminants as well as ensuring an excellent measure of resistance to nuisance opening in hostile conditions, such as experienced on road or rail vehicles.

A standard fixed-length, version with a short shaft is offered alongside the long-shaft manually adjustable option which has tool-less adjustment, by virtue of a knurled wheel to ensure a correct fit between the door and frame, a measure that is easily achieved in production or at later stages of in-service maintenance.

Wing handle compression latches offer a secure and vibration-resistant closure for use in mechanical engineering, transport and similar applications where access covers, storage lockers, control cabinets etc. must endure harsh environmental conditions, and yet enable keyless operation quickly and reliably – while external indicators on the wing insert meet the need for an outside visual status indication.

For further information on these new stainless compression latches with wing knob inserts, please contact us at FDB Panel Fittings.