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Hinges from FDB Panel Fittings

The experienced team here at FDB Panel Fittings believe that with our diverse range of hinges they can fulfil virtually any customer requirement. In view of present supply chain issues in the general market, the sales team explain that there is good ex-stock availability for urgent delivery from the Online store covering the most popular types.

In addition to delivery from stock, we are able to preferentially source from major international brands such as DIRAK and PINET. This enables us to cover all sorts of enclosure hinges in zinc die, steel, polyamide, and stainless steel, for internal/concealed or external use. Many weld-on, bolt-on, and screw-on hinges cover a standard portfolio, with DIRAK SNAP technology hinges fulfilling the important requirement for toolless fitting. This permits rapid secure fitting, even on-site at final installation.

Explains our MD Gary Miles “We are pulling out all the stops to support our extended customer base, whether they require standard bullet hinges, lift-off butt type, sprung/torque designs or large flap types with adjustment. We are geared to support all specialist enclosure or cabinet builders – whether in the engineering/electrical or building industries”.

Trimline IP65 swinghandles from FDB Panel Fittings

We recently announced that DIRAK Trimline IP65 swinghandles are now available ex-stock from our Online store. These Trimline handles have a stylish low-profile design in chrome or black finished zinc die for installations where both form and function are important considerations, as may be found in a wide range of industrial and office environments.

Trimline swinghandles offer a much higher torque capability than simple quarter turn locks and latches, enabling tighter close down and operation of multi-point rod locking mechanisms for sealing larger doors and increased security. This feature enables use of 1-point latching, 2-point latching and 3-point latching systems which distribute the sealing loads around the door periphery. This enables access control to server racks, control cabinets and other custom housings to be simply and professionally managed, preventing unauthorised access and ingress of material that may damage internal equipment.

The FDB Online store offers many other swinghandles of interest to specialist panel builders who require rapid delivery to keep their installation program running smoothly.

FDB hinge range

Hinges and locks and a panel together pretty much define a door so we are pleased that we can offer an extensive range of hinges to meet most industrial applications in various types and styles; including lift-off, screw-on, weld-on, surface mounted, concealed, continuous and butt type versions.

They are available ex-stock from our Online store in zinc die, polyamide, steel and stainless steel according to specification.

For further information, refer to our Knowledge Base articles KB03.1 and KB06.1

The handy Hinge Calculator tool is also available; see below:

hinge calculator tool
FDB enclosure door gasket seals

Well our best guess is that often the closest engineers came to standard gaskets for enclosure doors was choosing the guage of string or rope that was used to press into the joint or channel – now of course things are much simpler and we have a great selection for ex-stock delivery from our Online store. See here for details.

FDB Bridge handles

We at FDB Panel Fittings, are pleased to offer bridge handles for enclosure doors, inspection covers, drawers, cases (lifting), and instrument carrying.

Otherwise known as Bow or Pull handles, there are front or rear mounting versions to suit the security needs of the installation, also front mounting with concealment covers, for where aesthetics are a consideration, such as in office environments.

Our bridge handles come in a range of materials including stainless steel, steel/chrome, glass-reinforced polyamide and brushed aluminium and are complemented with clip-in dish handles for sliding doors and cases (lifting).

Ex-stock delivery from the FDB Online store ensures easy ordering and supply of handles from a selection of major international sales partners such as DIRAK.

Wing locks from FDB

Locking Wing knobs offer the convenience of quarter-turn door locking with fingertip opening in a simple compact device. They are available ex-stock in black or chrome finish from our Online store, and are also supplied without a locking cylinder for use as a plain latch where personnel security is not an issue. They may be ordered with an assembled cam of the height required and easily installed into the door cutout and secured with the backnut supplied.

FDB L and T handles for electrical and electronic cabinets and enclosures

Our Online selection of handles for specialist cabinet and enclosure doors includes traditional L and T styles, also round knob, wing knob and swinghandle types from international manufacturer DIRAK and other sales partners.

Materials include stainless steel, zinc die, reinforced polyamide: in black or chrome finish, or mirror polish for hygiene installations.

Handles are lockable or non-locking (latch handles) to varying sealing degrees, although most are to IP65 or higher.

The range includes dual cylinder locking and padlockable handles – many are available with differing length bodies and a wide range of cams is available to permit matching with doors and door frames.

Our sales partners include DIRAK, EMKA, Pinet, Weston Body Hardware, Gold & Wassall and Lowe & Fletcher so they can be sure to find the right lock specification for the enclosure application.

Delivery from the Online store is ex-stock and our team here at FDB Panel Fittings offers the Rocfast lock assembly and logistics service on all handles, which ensures correct specification and time-saving installation.

FDB Panel Fittings flush mounted stainless steel compression latches

With the railways in the news recently it is worth remembering that FDB have rail focused panel hardware and electrical protection devices at our Online store and to order with our specialist sales team.


General purpose overload/short circuit and DC immune protection from FDB Electrical

We have a wide selection of flush-mounted and low profile locks plus parallelogram hinges to suit passenger doors and cupboards on rolling stock while for trackside installations we can provide specialist equipment like our FDB2 Multiway RCBO approved for Network Rail DC Immune Protection.

DIRAK stainless steel locking handles for hygiene areas from FDB Panel Fittings Online store

DIRAK L and T hygiene handles with or without cylinder key locking mechanism, are now available ex-stock from our Online store. The handles are designed for use in hygiene areas in food, pharmaceutical and related areas, where it is important to manage and minimise the accumulation of biological material – by design, by manufacturing quality and by pressure washdown. They are suited to stainless steel or plastic enclosures/cabinets for machine controls or power management.

These high-performance handles meet Hygiene requirements acc. to DIN EN ISO 14159 and DIN EN 1672-2 with housing and handle in mirror-polished AISI 316 L stainless steel featuring especially smooth designs for RH or LH application. Sealing is in FDA compliant blue silicone to IP 65/67 DIN EN 60529.

Our team can deliver these handles pre-assembled with cam upon request – with our Rocfast program – so that the whole assembly may be installed in a standard 20.1mm cut-out as a pass-through operation, with securing backnut and serrated screw for electrical earthing also in stainless steel.

FDB 27/M outdoor RCD power protection unit

Our FDB27/M:RCD range of special purpose protection units for military communications vehicles with in-line filters is designed in accordance with MOD specifications, with six standard variants according to voltage/current rating of 110 and 240 V. Trip currents are factory set at 20mA – 500mA.

***Prices according to type and specification***

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