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DIRAK 4-351 2D adjustable hinge from FDB Panel Fittings

We are pleased to have a new DIRAK aluminium 180o hinge with adjustable mountings available – suitable for surface mounting on large cabinets and personal access doors. These robust 121mm and 61mm hinges are designed to use on railway carriages, special vehicles, storage units and similar where the ability to adjust plus/or minus 2mm in two dimensions (up/down and L/R) enables correct fit and finish during installation and service.

These rugged 4-351 DIRAK hinges feature hinge pins in a blind hole secured against knock out and may be fixed with anti-tamper screws where the situation requires. RH and LH versions are available and will suit nested doors. Bushings are in polyamide for smooth operation and corrosion-free longevity.

Magnetic catches from FDB Panel Fittings

We are delighted to have common sizes of magnetic catch available ex-stock from our Online store, for convenient use on enclosure and cabinet doors. Easy to fit and easy to use magnetic catches keep doors closed but allow ready access when needed. They include ultra-thin, stainless steel, resin sealed black and white options – offering closure with a strong magnetic force.

Contact us for information on the full range.

DIRAK swinghandle range from FDB Panel Fittings

We are pleased to offer ex-stock availability of the ever-growing DIRAK swinghandle series. In comparison with simple quarter-turn locks, swinghandles offer a much higher torque capability than standard quarter-turn latches and consequently greater closing force is available. This is important for enclosures with thick gaskets or for larger doors with rod latches where multi-point closure is employed for greater sealing or security.

With DIRAK swinghandles, access control to server racks can be professionally managed and alongside conventional swinghandles, we offer safety-tested variants of the swinghandle range, e.g. with one locking cylinder or with two tandem locking cylinders.

As special equipment, we offer swinghandles with mechatronically secured latches, locking cylinder or actuator, also flush-mounted and standard raised handle variants. Some designs feature tool-free installation, with versions in zinc die-cast, polyamide or stainless steel.

Design styles include low profile, Trimline, vandal-resistant, dual key security or padlockable, a swinghandle with LED status indicator is also offered.

Sealing performance is to IP65 in black, chrome-plated or stainless with profile cylinder, key cylinder, combination lock, square threaded rod actuation, and KABA cylinder being available.

FDB Panel Fittings flush mounted stainless steel compression latches

“Rail transport is subject to especially high requirements in design, function and material which provide a challenge for hardware manufacturers to combine the advantages of a flush-mounted quarter turn with those of a compression latch while ensuring easy, tool-less adjustment of the cam.

We are therefore delighted to introduce the DIRAK solution which features a pair of flush-mounted compression latches made of stainless steel with different housing lengths, one with a fixed but exchangeable cam, the other with tool-less adjustment using a knurled wheel. All versions provide a precise compression combined with a flat surface.” explains Gary Miles, MD of FDB Panel Fittings.

These two design styles – standard and toolless adjustable length are of interest where a completely flush surface is important – they are discrete and safe since the flush-mounted design is adjustable to sit fully flush to the door surface. It, therefore, avoids the risk of clothing getting caught, so offering increased safety, for example in escape routes – also for discretion where it is preferred for the latch to be non-obvious, for aesthetic or security reasons.

They are especially suited to railway carriage interiors and similar where people require to move in confined spaces such as corridors with storage cupboards or access doors to side rooms without nuisance unlatching and door opening. These latches are also for external rail use where anti-vibration, compression sealing and smooth surface are required. Likewise, for HVAC applications where anti-vibration and anti-corrosion performance supports appropriate IP ratings and for furniture construction where the discrete flush surface and firm gasket pull-down to enhance the operational look and feel of the equipment.

The whole latch is vibration-proof, as tested in accordance with DIN EN 61373 while offering a full 6 mm of compression and enabling safe contact pressure without rubbing of the cam on the frame. For safety in operation, the closing position is clearly visible with marks on the housing and insert for easy checking of the exact latching status.

The design incorporates two housing lengths of 28 mm or 37 mm which allow for different door thicknesses from 13mm to 22mm and for the versatile use of materials including wood, fibreglass synthetics and sandwich-type boards. A wide range of H dimensions is possible: standard version H can be varied by exchanging the cam on the fixed version and on the adjustable version by use of the simple knurled wheel adjustment provided, plus there are different assembly options as the anti-rotation mounting flange can be used with countersunk screws and if using washers also with cylinder head screws or weld studs.

See other stainless steel compression locks and latches here.

FDB one stop shop for Panel Components









We are delighted to note that there is now much more positivity around in the UK manufacturing industries and see there are good signs that specialist hardware such as enclosure and cabinet fittings are in strong demand. For our part at FDB Panel Fittings we are applying our ingenuity and resilience into meeting that demand so that we can all recover from the Covid induced recession of last year.

Given the double “whammy” of pandemic and Brexit we will be drawing on the breadth and depth of our expertise and relationships in the industry to ensure that our customers requirements are met, so that specialist panel builders can meet their deadlines.

We have two major approaches to achieving this – our Online store backed by ex-stock delivery from our range of sales partners – and our dedicated sales team who can support non-stock and custom specifications with personal attention.


Quarter turn lock ranges ex-stock in the UK for industrial panel builders – from the FDB/DIRAK team

We at Panel Fittings are delighted to offer the full range of DIRAK high quality quarter turn locks for use as a locking mechanism in numerous applications. Quarter turn locks are comprised of a housing, insert, and cam with a wide range of assembly possibilities ensuring a wide range of locking devices and ancillary components for all industrial applications.

The DIRAK range includes over 30 standard and customized inserts in zinc die-cast, polyamide or stainless steel for rugged service in enclosures and cabinets for used in mechanical engineering to HVAC, medical device manufacture, data centres to energy distribution and environmental technology.

Explained our MD Gary Miles “In most applications, quarter-turns are the ideal solution to protect against unauthorized access; in some cases, we advise using both a quarter-turn and rod latch which is why we carry extensive UK stock.

We focus on the individual requirements of each specific industrial sector in order to provide the perfect solution. Therefore, we offer locking solutions with the best materials, superior design and functionality in order to meet the requirements of the application environment.

For example, our sales partner DIRAK have created specially designed, high-quality polished stainless-steel products in order to meet the strict hygienic standards of the food processing industry. Similarly, they have developed solutions for the transportation industry/sector which meet the vibration resistance and fire protection requirements.”

This partnership between DIRAK and FDB ensures that there is a broad range of high-quality locks available at all times, including a variety of quarter-turns with unique properties, such as compression quarter-turns with vibration resistance. These quarter-turns can be ordered in a selection of materials, including polyamide, stainless steel, or zinc die-cast.

FDB handles online

Specialist panels need special handles – designed for these industrial applications and available from stock to ensure that critical equipment meets installation deadlines. Here at FDB Panel Fittings we are used to serving the needs of enclosure and cabinet builders with lever handles, swinghandles, twist handles and many others available from stock through our Online store.

As usual – if you don’t see what you want then please contact us and the team will be pleased to help.

Dirak quarter-turn hygiene latch from FDB

For over 40 years our team here at FDB Panel Fittings have been market leaders in providing a specialist service for the supply of panel and electrical enclosure hardware – locks, hinges, handles, enclosure gasketing, cable management and accessories.  So we are pleased to announce that this high-quality service package now includes the expanding DIRAK hardware range for specialist metal/plastic fabricators, including panel builders and OEMs.

As a specialist distributor, this supply process continuously focuses on our ability to provide a friendly personal service based on detailed product knowledge and experience with an extensive product range. This encompasses everything from cable management support systems to cabinet hinges, enclosure gasketing and locking systems, with many stainless steel variants and anti-vandal handle designs. Extensive UK stock-holding means we expect to deliver most items direct from our warehouse.

Explains Gary Miles – our MD “as the Panel Fittings division of FDB Electrical Ltd – with a background in the specialist panel building industry – we naturally grew our business together with panel builders serving the controls industry – but this soon developed into a wider market place so that we are equally at home with the sourcing and supply of the more specialist products for a huge variety of industrial and defence related applications. A major part of that growth has involved ever closer relationships with manufacturers like DIRAK who ensure that we can provide our customers with the best and latest hardware technology.”

The FDB ethos is simple “quality products coupled with quality service” and has been the cornerstone of our success over very many years – which is a perfect match for DIRAK who focus on the individual application requirements of specific industrial sectors, in order to develop the perfect solution. This includes hinging and latching solutions with the best materials, superior design and functionality which meet the requirements of the application environment.

For example, DIRAK have created specially designed, high-quality polished stainless-steel products to meet the strict hygienic standards of the food processing industry, and solutions for the transportation industry/sector which meet the vibration resistance and fire protection requirements.

In addition, together with DIRAK we are able to offer solutions for sheet-metal fabrication, rail transportation, Infrastructure projects, Data centres, network cabinets and IT.

For custom requirements, our team at FDB Panel Fittings are experienced in working with the engineers at DIRAK and other manufacturers to expedite solutions to user requirements.


locks, hinges, handles, enclosure gasketing, cable management and other enclosure accessories from FDB Panel Fittings

For over 40 years we at FDB Panel Fittings have taken pride in developing a specialist service for the supply of panel and electrical enclosure hardware. The relationships we have created with major international manufacturers to supply UK manufacturing industry have never been more important and are key to keeping locks, hinges, handles, enclosure gasketing, cable management and other enclosure accessories flowing. We understand that customers in the metal and plastic fabrication industries are reliant on these relationships – especially specialist panel builders and OEMs so we are all working to support the survival and recovery of UK industry.

FDB Online is the preferred channel for day to day requirements and we are only a call away for anything else.