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Anti-Tamper Stainless 1/4 Turn Lock for Public Areas

Vandal resistant pignose bung lock in stainless steel from FDB Panel FittingsOur intriguingly named “pignose bung lock” may just be the ultimate in vandal-resistant quarter-turn locks for roadside cabinets or other publicly accessible cabinets that need to stay secure.

The “pignose bung” is secured into place with a two pronged key which ensures that the inner lock is protected; while the rugged AISI 303 stainless steel body and bung offer little in the way of opportunity for vandals. Legitimate access is simply gained by removing the bung with its special key and using a normal key to turn the recessed hexagonal insert-with-pin. Both 90° and 180° rotation options are available on the “pig nosed bung lock”.