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Appropriate IP ratings for Quarter Turn Locks and Latches

Appropriate IP ratings for Quarter Turn Locks and Latches from FDB Panel Fittings

The highly experienced team here at FDB Panel Fittings Online store have suggested that with so much ordering now taking place quickly and conveniently over the internet a reminder regarding IP ratings would be appropriate. IP ratings are an industry standard classification that enables users to describe the degree of protection which an enclosure or cabinet offers to operators and to internal equipment. It is therefore important that the sealing of a lock installation matches that of the rest of the housing e.g., users should be prevented from inserting a finger or a tool or wire which could lead to them being injured. Likewise, protection against the ingress of dust or water which may damage the internal electronics or electrical controls.

Thus, in an office environment for many storage cabinets and similar we can probably consider only low levels of sealing to be needed – even elsewhere in the public space we could consider only protection from the insertion of tools and ingress of dust to be needed – possibly IP44. Industrial workshops may require protection from insertion of wires with greater exclusion of dust and water – perhaps IP54. Some dusty or wet situations – or outdoor use will need a higher IP rating such as IP65 while regular high pressure wash down or exposed outdoor installations are likely to need IP66 or IP67.

A quarter turn of matching IP rating should always be selected and often IP ratings can be enhanced by ordering with sealing washers and O rings to further protect against ingress in arduous conditions – experienced hardware salespeople can usually advise. Our FDB Rocfast program is designed to simplify the specification, selection and supply process.