New stainless steel hinge from DIRAK and FDB Panel Fittings

The specialist team at DIRAK have recently launched their new 180° stainless steel hinge for specialist cabinets where corrosion-resistance and robust service performance are defined requirements.

The new screw-on hinge in AISI 303 features integral M5 threads for internal screw fixing which both speeds up installation and enhances security.

Designed to fit industry standard 20mm surface-mounted door returns, this lift-off hinge will open to 180° for adjacent cabinets and 270° for single installations.

New lift-off 180° cabinet hinge by DIRAK from FDB Panel Fittings

Our new 180° opening, lift-off hinge from DIRAK offers a convenient and robust solution to the problem of how to comfortably lift-off a cabinet door for installation or maintenance.

This new hinge, with steel frame component which matches a zinc-die door fixing element, easily slides into and out of engagement at a 30° opening angle, so permitting simple lift-off of the door.

Developed in the conviction that hinge solutions for industrial cabinet construction require a high flexibility in combination with stability and security during operation, the hinge was conceived to lift-off while retaining a captive fixed pin.

The new hinge is compatible with standard 25mm door returns as typically used on steel cabinets in the specialist enclosure industry for electrical and 19” rack industries and for machine housings.

Pinet stainless steel concealed hinges from FDB Panel Fittings

We are delighted that over many years we have accumulated a wide range of ex-stock stainless steel hinges to accommodate the many types of cabinet that may be demanded of  specialist builders for light industrial purposes – in offices or on a workshop or warehouse floor.

Stainless steel panel hinges from FDB Panel Fittings

These range from weld on bullet hinges and simple lift off removable pin types to sophisticated parallelogram and friction torque designs.

Once highly expensive to specify (even made to order) stainless steel hinges are now much more commonly used for their robust reliability and corrosion resistance and are available ex-stock for urgent delivery from our Online store.

Newly updated DIRAK lift-off corner hinge from FDB Panel Fittings

We are pleased to announce the latest updated version of DIRAK’s lift-off corner hinge for surface mounted doors. This traditional “bullet” design is aesthetically compatible with general industrial/office cabinet environments and incorporates a Teflon load-bearing washer which provides a reliable, durable, smooth action.

The size and weight carrying capacity of these hinges suits small wall mount to large free standing enclosures/cabinets when used in pairs or for multiple fitment e.g. three or four may be used per door as needed to accommodate larger doors.

Design of these hinges features fitting by screws from the reverse which aids security – with construction in rugged zinc-die with chrome, black powder coat or self-colour finishes.

Heavy duty parallelogram hinges offer easy operation and 110° opening

7 November 2019
Thumbnail image for Heavy duty parallelogram hinges offer easy operation and 110° opening

FDB Panel Fittings are delighted to once again launch a new PINET concealed hinge. The 3557 is a tough steel and aluminium unit with 110° opening when installed on doors of up to 25mm. Tested to 10,000 cycles for paired hinges carrying a door weight of 25kg (1m x 1m door size), they provide the […]

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New PINET aluminium hinges from FDB Panel Fittings

4 September 2019
Thumbnail image for New PINET aluminium hinges from FDB Panel Fittings

These new PINET 30mm aluminium hinges  are for use as pairs or together with a matching friction, detent or spring hinge to modify door opening characteristics. Construction is in clear or black anodized aluminium with robust plastic hinge pin to resist corrosion. The matching soft-close hinge offers controlled closure in three configurations with two different […]

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PINET aluminium hinges

23 August 2019
Thumbnail image for PINET aluminium hinges

The new FinAlu® lightweight range of PINET hinges which we launched recently provide light and tough service in applications such as medical equipment, electronic enclosures, food equipment, vehicle cabinets and other high-performing situations. The team here at FDB Panel Fittings envisage these hinges being used on small boxes, enclosures and cabinets where good-looking industrial quality […]

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PINET soft-close aluminium hinges prevent “slam-shut”

5 July 2019
Thumbnail image for PINET soft-close aluminium hinges prevent “slam-shut”

Soft-close is a feature much admired among operators of equipment covers and doors for making usage more comfortable, more user friendly and potentially safer. Consequently, we are pleased to launch the new PINET dampening hinges in aluminium which offer a 115° soft-close in three configurations. Two torque damping levels are available to suit both lightweight […]

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New sprung and un-sprung concealed PINET hinges

14 June 2019
Thumbnail image for New sprung and un-sprung concealed PINET hinges

These new PINET 7 axis multi-link hinges from our online store offer concealed and sprung door opening for overlay and nested doors. Their spring counterbalance allows for easy operation while the multi-link design ensures accurate and positive closure. This new design hinge is fitted internally to the frame/door corner from where it offers a 110° […]

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Innovative new DIRAK hinge launched by our Panel Fittings team

2 May 2019
Thumbnail image for Innovative new DIRAK hinge launched by our Panel Fittings team

The new DIRAK hinge Pr01 now launched by our Panel Fittings team marks an innovative approach to the time-saving installation of IP65/67 hinging for specialist enclosures. DIRAK believe that to meet the requirements of industrial applications, panel hinges must be sturdy, robust and durable. Additionally, they should offer simple assembly, high strength and flexible usage. […]

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