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D-SNAP® joiners for panel fitting

The D-SNAP® range of panel assembly joiners, locks, hinges etc is designed to enable specialist cabinet builders to quickly fabricate housings with flat sheet into a robust structure. These new joiner components operate to fasten two or more sheet metal panels together by simply pressing and snapping the joiner into prepared panel cutouts. They are ideal for fastening cabinet components, e.g. removable top or base and for robust firm fixing of panels of similar or varying thickness, e.g. multi-component motor control cabinets.
D-SNAP joiners

The 1-044SL is intended for permanent assembly or joining of cabinets side by side whereas the 1-045SL is specifically for situations where one panel may require regular removal, e.g. for maintenance. The 1-046SL also allows one panel to be removed; it is the ideal solution where lighting panels for example have to be removed. The fixed side is fastened with screws enabling the joiner to be used with materials such as wood or for retro-fit installation where hole purchasing is not a possibility. D-SNAP® joiners will adjust to varying thicknesses of panel and use standard 30x10mm cutouts enabling rapid assembly after painting. Where removable panels are needed then pull-off forces may be chosen from 15N/30N/50N dependant upon component.  See here for Snapline range.