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FDB Electrical protection devices support enhanced building program

FDB Electrical protection components

With the UK’s building project gathering pace once again, our FDB Online store is pleased to announce a high-quality range of enclosed electrical protection devices, alongside a wide range of panel mounting components for the installation of customised industrial systems. These protective devices are typically used on industrial/commercial sites, utilities, health and welfare facilities, military and civilian airfields, and similar. Rail-approved equipment is available with DC immune characteristics.

Fully enclosed protection equipment from FDB Electrical Online includes the FDB 2 modular multi-way RCBO, the FDB 11 and the FDB 13 series general-purpose RCD with overload and short circuit protection, with the Home Office FDB21 “Interruptible” RCD/MCB and the FDB27 unit for Protection of Ground Support Equipment – a range of earth leakage/earth monitoring devices for protection of personnel and plant in RAF/RNAS hangars.

Specialist components are also available ex-stock for incorporation into custom protection systems enabling panel builders to choose from a selection of remote core transformers, universal earth leakage protection relays, multi-function RCDs, and earth fault monitors.