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Home FDB13 – 400V 3 phase DC immune protection

FDB13 – 400V 3 phase DC immune protection

FDB13 – 400V 3 phase DC immune protection from FDB Electrical

Our top end DC immune protection FDB13 unit is approved by Network Rail for use in DC electrified areas for general purpose earth monitoring, RCD/RCBO overload and short circuit protection of 3 phase 400V circuits. This ensures electrical safety protection for ancillary AC equipment without the nuisance tripping associated with induced currents from nearby high level DC installations.

Protection of AC equipment with FDB13 in installations adjacent to DC electrified areas has been proven over 40 years of development. Importantly it incorporates loss of neutral indication and comes with overload and short circuit protection – features which are likely to be of interest to electrical contractors, design engineers and plant engineers working in and around rail industry installations where induced DC current may cause problems in adjacent AC lines.

FDB13 units are offered in 3 ranges – 10 to 32 amp, 40 to 63 amp and 80 to 100 amp, all available from the FDB online store. They conform to BS4293 (RCD); BSEN60898 (MCB) with IΔn: 20mA; 30mA or 100mA, and are mounted in an IP20 steel surface mounting enclosure complete with knockouts for easy installation.

The FDB13 is available from our online shop at – www.fdbonline.co.uk.