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Flush fit lever compression latch

With a minimal protrusion of 6mm our new 6-160 lever compression latch provides all the benefits of compression closure with a recessed operating handle. This makes it ideal for cabinets in areas with high levels of pedestrian traffic or narrow corridors such as computer suites, production line control systems or electronic cabinet in datacentres, while its resistance to vibration lends suitability to use on vibration prone applications such as railway carriages and HVAC panels to counter nuisance opening.
Lever compression latch

The 6-160 features especially easy installation. The complete latch, including the pre-assembled U-shaped fastening bracket, is installed in the cutout from outside. Then by rotating the fastening screw from outside, the U-bracket automatically fastens the complete latch and in the “closed” position the screw cannot be removed. The adjusting screw can also be used for retro-adjusting to increase or decrease the sealing pressure. 

In addition the lever action gives both a soft landing (with cushioning rubber pad) and a comfortable feel for the operator – there is a choice of thumb activated handle release or a key cylinder security option with industry standard key types. Contact us for details/quote or see our catalogue for complementary hinges in concealed, continuous or external bullet/torpedo format. For security sensitive access areas there are also digital combination and electronic battery operated locks.