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Home High-quality Slam latches on ex-stock delivery

High-quality Slam latches on ex-stock delivery

FDB Slam Latches

Our Online store is proving an excellent resource for specialist panel builders needing a single point of contact for many different latch configurations such as slam latches. Slam latch variants from sales partners including DIRAK and others are listed with sliding door latches, push-button types, sliding latches, refrigeration style and a stainless steel flush T handle. These robust slam latches all offer simple, secure closure for many industrial applications with fiddle-free, slam and forget closure.

Barrel push-button latches from FDB Online are suitable for small doors on cabinets and are often used for electronic equipment, while the circular T handle latch in AISI 316 stainless steel is great where corrosion protection is needed and space is limited. Sliding latches are appropriate to specialist vehicles and general-purpose closure, while the C38 slam latch with inside safety release is widely used in large size insulated enclosures or containerised units – where a surface mounted latch is preferable to avoid breaching the integrity of the door. With its slam action against a roller striker, this unit can be used on doors flush fit against the frame and features a glow-in-the-dark inside safety “punch” handle for emergency release. It incorporates through holes for a padlock hasp where additional security is required to lock the handle more permanently.