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IP 65 1/4 turn locks with integral finger pull handle

IP65 1/4 turn locks with integral finger pull handle from FDB Panel FittingsOur novel Giussani NRM series of IP65 quarter-turn locks are not only super quick to fit because of their Box Rapid spring fixing, they are also comfortable and easy to operate with an integral finger pull design.

The NRM may be equipped with any of a wide range of insert types. Construction is in polyamide with either zinc plated steel or polyamide cam and silicone gasket for IP65 sealing. This is complimented by the NR5M with KA or KD key cylinder – both use industry standard 20.1mm x 22.5mm hole cut outs.

Also in the NRM series are equivalents for 16.6mm x 19.1mm double D type hole cut outs. The NRSM is supplied with standard inserts and the NS5M with KA or KD key cylinders.

All NRM series suit 1mm to 2mm sheet thickness and offer ultra quick fitting to save time in the assembly process.