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Let us help your recovery plan with “panel fittings for every enclosure”

“Panel Fittings for every enclosure”

It seems that every company in the UK and beyond is working on a recovery plan – and we at FDB can help – our team of experienced sales/admin people have been working hard to ensure that our customers get all the panel fitting hardware that you need. We have in fact been very busy – perhaps because other suppliers have not been able to support normal service – or perhaps because we try so hard to make customers lives easy!

We believe it is probably because we deal with many major manufacturers and have our Rocfast assembly/logistics package in place, that our team here are so skilled at providing extra-ordinary service, which can support your recovery plan. So whatever your requirements in terms of specialist enclosure or cabinet hardware – or mains power earth protection – please do check out our Online store or contact us direct – we would love to talk to you.