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New FDB11 (10A – 32A) general purpose RCBO

FDB11 RCBO from FDB Electrical offers rail industry standard DC protection

Our new FDB11 (10 amp to 32 amp) is a general purpose RCBO with overload and short circuit protection, mounted in a steel, surface mounting enclosure c/w knockouts (IP20) it conforms to BS4293 (RCD); BSEN60898 (MCB) for IΔn: 20mA; 30mA or 100mA.

As part of the FDB11 series it is complimented by the FDB11 (40A – 63A) and the FDB11 (80A -100A) both of which are also general purpose RCDs with overload and short circuit protection but with higher rating for heavier duty applications.

The FDB11 series is available at our Online Store as part of the FDB range of enclosed electrical protection units.