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New Inconspicuous IP65 Panel Latch

IP65 compression latch from FDB Panel Fittings offers inconspicuous securityOur new IP65 PHZ 6-500 compression latch was developed to minimise attack points for prying tools – so is considered vandalism safe – while integrating seamlessly into virtually any enclosure design. It is therefore considered suitable for protection of integrated electronics and other equipment from being damaged by weather or vandalism, particularly in publicly accessible areas for enclosures of automated equipment such as advertising boards or vehicle electrical charging stations which require a secure and very inconspicuous latch.

The PHZ 6-500 features a patented planetary roller clamping mechanism which is operated using the lock key alone, but manages to offer a full 20mm closure range with 1300N force. Installation is completely within the enclosure and on larger cabinets is ideally suited to operation of a flat rod multi-point locking mechanism.

A surface mounting lock cover is available which can be colour matched to the enclosure if required.