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Home New Rocfast lock assembly guide

New Rocfast lock assembly guide

Rocfast lock assembly guide from FDB Panel Fittings

Our new Rocfast guide to lock assembly now available free from the links below is a how-to-do-it selection assistant from our respected experts in specialist cabinet and enclosure hardware.

Customers are walked through the logical process of determining which housing, insert, cam, cut-out, and/or cam adapter may be required for standard or extended body locks in common finishes and how to select the correct part number to ensure the desired part is ordered. Accessories such as handle inserts, dust caps and finger pulls, serrated lock washers and earth nuts are highlighted, as are slide shoes for cams which help provide a positive compression while reducing the friction and paint damage caused by constant operation.

You can download free from www.fdb.co.uk/rocfastdownloads, or contact marketing@fdb.co.uk or call us on 0208 568 1616 for a free hard copy leaflet.