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New Safety Latch Locks from DIRAK

Safety Latch Locks from FDB Panel Fittings

New DIRAK safety slam latch locks from FDB are designed and constructed to be sturdy and durable, making them especially well-suited for outdoor applications. They enable flaps or doors to be reliably locked on bicycle garages, parcel drop boxes and waste container enclosures, etc. simply by slamming them shut. But what if the door falls shut from the inside during cleaning work and the person inside has no way to get out?

To provide a remedy for this dangerous situation, new safety variants are now available within the existing range of proven product systems to enable internal unlocking in the even that a person might accidentally become shut inside the housing. By pulling on an ergonomic handle, an operator inside the enclosure can easily retract the latch bolt, so that the door or flap is unlocked from the inside. Given that the inside may well be extremely dark a persistently luminescent self-adhesive sticker is affixed to the latch body with the unlocking direction clearly visible even without light. This new slam latch with unlocking from the inside is not only designed for a wide range of applications, but is also unique in the world of latching technology.

The mechanism on these latch/locks features the possibility for two profile-cylinders and opening possible by operating a profile cylinder, independent of the second cylinder. The lock cylinder can be adjusted to accommodate different latch mounting positions. Pull back of the latch bolt is enabled by rotation of the key while closing is possible by self-locking of the latch bolt.  Internal unlocking is enabled with a single move – by pulling the large ergonomically shaped handle, the latch is easily retracted.

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