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New Tamper Proof Concealed T Handle

New tamper proof concealed T handle from FDB Panel FittingsOur new padlockable 3-145 eject and turn T handle is tamper proof and offers water and dust protection to IP65. The design and layout of this novel T handle, in combination with the very narrow gap dimensions, make this handle resistant to tampering, and in addition the low profile design prevents the handle being used as a climbing step/aid.

The 3-145 retractable T handle is kept latched in 2 positions and the whole unit complies with WK11 DIN1630 anti-vandalism test. The T handle itself has a 90° operation in conjunction with standard round or flat rod multi-point closure systems. Locking options include Eurocylinders, KABA cylinders, key cylinders, inserts, padlock and electronic actuation via remote controlled servo.