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Home Radius Adapter Aids Gasket Installation

Radius Adapter Aids Gasket Installation

Gasket radius bracket from FDBThis novel component is a significant aid to panel builders seeking to improve the look of their enclosures, while saving time on the assembly process. By providing a quickly placed corner fillet the simple radius adapter is not just a quick easy way to get a sealing strip around awkward square corners, but also enables fitting of screw retained covers with self-tapping screws, directly into the moulding which provides an integral support for a 4.8mm dia self-tapping thread.

The radius adapter simplifies installation for clip-on sealing-strip by creating a radius within 90° inside corners of cabinet door frames – it is easily installed and kept in position at the flange of the housing by the clip-on U-part of the sealing profile. This black finished moulding naturally complements most edge fitting profiles and does away with the difficulty of installing stiff steel reinforced sections into square cut corners. It also saves cost by eliminating the need for fabricating rounded corners in the body of the enclosure, since by using the adapter there is no need for expensive welding and rework of sheet metal corner constructions. Assemblers can simply put the radius adapter into the angle (after the painting process) and fix with the U-shape carrier of the profile.