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Home Rocfast lock assembly now offers up to IP67 sealing

Rocfast lock assembly now offers up to IP67 sealing

Rocfast lock assembly from FDB Panel Fittings now offers up to IP67 sealingOur well established Rocfast program saves time, money and mistakes by guiding customers through the process of specification, component matching, ordering, assembly, packaging and logistics – direct to site – worldwide. Now it covers the extra sealing requirements of high degrees of dust and water protection up to IP66 and IP67. Most common lock applications require the lower levels of IP54, however in external use IP65 may be needed and for harsh external or heavy hose down areas, then IP66 or IP67 is appropriate. IP67 entails submersion testing for even greater peace of mind.

These higher levels of sealing are generally achieved by use of single or double O rings. The Rocfast program ensures correct specification, correct assembly and correct logistics, which exemplifies the versatility and level of service provided. Locks are generally available from ex-stock components so ensuring a rapid delivery process.

The Rocfast service includes all ¼ turn favourites with appropriate keys and IP rated sealing, with cams of all types, traditional L or T handles, swinghandles and compression locks as applicable. This specialist service program can efficiently deal with modern modular component systems or traditional single kit formats and with one-off or scheduled program deliveries as well as separate packaging of locks/backnuts/keys etc. to suit logistical requirements. Where required complete fitting kits can be supplied including lock/s, hinges, gasket, and with lock cylinders + keys forwarded to a separate destination if desired.

Typically this could involve a careful investigation of the specification and supply parameters so that for example a suitable assembly of ¼ turn camlock, budget lock or stainless steel lock might be identified – coupled with perhaps a piano hinge or internal weld-on hinges – packed together with a precut length of clip-on sealing profile – with packs to be delivered in batch quantities.

Contact us to find how we can tailor a Rocfast service to suit you.