miscellaneous locks

FDB IP65 FIAT insert lockWe are delighted to now offer an IP65 quarter-turn spanner lock that can only be opened by use of a special non-standard key. This specialist lock is provided with a FIAT insert making it ideal for situations where a conventional lock could be easily opened by unauthorised persons using readily available keys or simple tools. Typically this includes manufacturing environments or controls of service equipment where only qualified service engineers are permitted access to electrical/electronic enclosures or service access panels.

We have also found that the FIAT spanner lock is ideal as a retro-fit to enhance security on existing equipment by virtue of its industry standard 20mm rounded square cutout installation. Other features include 90° cam rotation, LH and RH application, 90° stepped key removal, availability of multiple depth cams, as well as a 3 point cam for rod activation, and black or chrome finish. Contact us for more details.

Multi-point lock adapter from FDB Panel Fittings for cabinet rod locksLocks with single point cams can now be readily converted to multi-point actuation with our new adapter, which fits under the existing cam on typical quarter-turn locks. This enables rod lock systems to be attached either retrospectively or in order to simplify stock holding – where one lock can be held for both single and 2 or 3 point closure systems.

This system also offers the further possibility of an additional rod for operating an internal cut-off switch. The multi-point cam adapter is suitable for quarter turn locks and swinghandles, thus spanning the range of medium sized wall mounted enclosures through to large cabinets for electrical or electronic controls, telecoms etc. Fitment is simple – involving removal of the existing single point cam which then sits inside the adapter and is replaced with a standard screw giving a simple quick and cost effective solution.

FDB cabinet locks with master key and zone locking facilityFor the marine contractor tasked with fitting out a Bahamas based ferry there was the little problem of a glitch in the supply chain – with a need for a complete fit of special cabinet locks for the personal storage areas – and the locks had to be on board in two days.

Fortunately this is exactly the sort of situation that we are able to deal with and were able to search our large stock of similar cabinet fittings to find the correct type and quantity of locks, with master key and zone locking facility. Once located it was then a matter of organising transport logistics by air to Miami and onward to the Bahamas in time for the ship’s maiden voyage. Exceptional service and Mission Accomplished!

Our recent introduction of the IP67 ref 7-081 quarter-turn lock is good news for cabinet suppliers to the food processing and clean room industry sectors. By virtue of its specialist SW13 insert and key arrangement the 7-081 minimises traps for dirt and biological material.
IP67 lock with SW13 insert
This is achieved by use of a polished surface and smoothing transition radii, as well as water and dust tight dual O-Rings giving protection to IP67. Design is further enhanced by manufacture in AISI 316L stainless steel and availability of a range of cams to accommodate varying door to frame depths.

Wet area coin lock

14 October 2011

This new wet area coin lock is ideal for “pay for access – coin return” situations typical in swimming pool locker or group shower changing areas. It is ideally suited to personal lockers in these wet – or dry – “open access” environments where the coin lock can be specified to operate with a wide […]

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Really useful Pocket Lock

14 October 2011

This innovative Pocket Lock has its primary use in areas where shared desking or lockers is required. The lock and key fit together to form a small pocket size “pod” which can be retained by the user and simply inserted into any vacant lock the following day. This maintains total flexibility whilst ensuring each user […]

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