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Trimline IP65 swinghandles

Trimline IP65 swinghandles from FDB Panel Fittings

We recently announced that DIRAK Trimline IP65 swinghandles are now available ex-stock from our Online store. These Trimline handles have a stylish low-profile design in chrome or black finished zinc die for installations where both form and function are important considerations, as may be found in a wide range of industrial and office environments.

Trimline swinghandles offer a much higher torque capability than simple quarter turn locks and latches, enabling tighter close down and operation of multi-point rod locking mechanisms for sealing larger doors and increased security. This feature enables use of 1-point latching, 2-point latching and 3-point latching systems which distribute the sealing loads around the door periphery. This enables access control to server racks, control cabinets and other custom housings to be simply and professionally managed, preventing unauthorised access and ingress of material that may damage internal equipment.

The FDB Online store offers many other swinghandles of interest to specialist panel builders who require rapid delivery to keep their installation program running smoothly.