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Various inserts for quarter turn latches

Various inserts for quarter turn latches from FDB Panel Fittings

We are pleased to advise that our team continues to aid specialist panel builders by offering an extensive ex-stock selection of quarter turn latch inserts with which installers may create their own spanner locks. These inserts are available from the Online store and may be matched with cylinders, housings and tabs/cams with many key options – also via the Rocfast assembly/logistics program which offers an extended level of customer service, providing guidance, assembly, packaging and special delivery where needed.

These inserts come in many styles – commonly square, triangular and double bar- in various sizes, in addition there are castellated, slotted, star knob, hexagonal and wing knob inserts suited to differing applications where often common usage determines the key of choice as an industry standard.

In addition, this spanner lock insert approach is especially suited for situations where cylinder key locking is problematic and /or unnecessary, e.g., where a cylinder lock could get jammed by freezing or with dirt or other contaminants. Inserts provide an inexpensive lock/latch solution i.e., the “spanner lock” approach, which has been used for generations to offer a low-cost, low-level security for enclosures, cabinets or other housings or protective screens. It may be thought of as saying “do not open without authority – contents may be dangerous or vulnerable”.