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We get the hardware right for the Dutch Navy

Following on supply of locks for the UK’s T45 frigate program, we are delighted to have supplied a similar solution to the Royal Dutch Navy for their new fleet auxiliaries. Crewed as they are by the large number of people required to re-supply front of line warships, these fleet auxiliary ships face security issues for their personnel, so in this case the requirement was for a zone based wing lock system to cover personal lockers, wardrobes and other storage areas. With typically over 2000 locks on each ship, a project based master key system was specified for crew cabins and furniture or lockers in communal areas.

Chrome finish wing lock with master key system from FDB Panel Fittings

Our specialist advisors carried out planning, supply, specialist project packaging, administration of coding/delivery and long-term backup support. Not only was it important to have a zoned security with key operated wing locks offering a very high number of “differs” – up to 5000 different combinations with master keys – it was also important that the locks and keys were separately labelled for specific locations and delivered at a very early stage so that they could be brought together later during final fit out.

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