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125° PINET corrosion resistant hinges from our Panel Fittings team

PINET corrosion resistant hinges from FDB

We recently launched new 125° opening hinges from PINET in stainless steel and aluminium construction for industrial/office/domestic enclosures, cabinets and cupboards where their parallel link design offers a comfortable feel. Available in 2 versions – 3639 with pins in 430 stainless steel and the 3640 variant with 304 Cu stainless pins.

Their 125° opening ensures easy access even with narrow door openings, thus allowing materials and equipment to be easily installed internally or removed for service or upgrades.

These hinges are designed for nested or surface-mounted doors either LH or RH and with horizontal or vertical orientation. The optimum opening angle of 125° is achieved with 2mm doors and reduces to 100° with 13mm thickness.