New from FDB Panel Fittings - a universal key for railway applications

Explains FDB Panel Fittings, M.D. Gary Miles “In the railway industry we work with many different key types for various applications, requiring people to carry a lot of keys wherever they go. So we created a convenient and flexible product to better serve this industry – a universal key for 4 different inserts so that engineers can conveniently open multiple applications with one key”.

The universal railway key offers a single piece with the 4 common key types to save on carry weight and ensure that engineers can always have the right key, right there to hand – with extra leverage for hard to turn locks, and an integrated eyelet for easy attachment.

This stainless steel key includes the conical square insert (Berne key), the socket square 7.6mm insert (UK), the DÜWAG insert and traditional conical square 9mm. Contact us for your universal railway key.

The EMKA slide shoe which fits over a standard cam provides a means of tightening up door closure, saving paint damage and smoothing operation – it is now available in black, which can offer an enhanced visual aspect to the installation for specialist electrical or electronic enclosure panels.

See our previous post for more on the slide shoe concept here.

Keys for Cabinets


Cabinet Keys from FDB

Our Online Store has a wide range of keys in metal and polyamide suitable for all general purpose quarter turn locks and handles for specialist cabinets and enclosures, such as quarter turns, L and T handles, swinghandles etc. We have crescent, food/medical, multi-key, polyamide and zinc die to suit all types of industrial situations.

Panel Fittings and accessories for every enclosure from FDB

We keep adding to our accessories package so it is worth checking what is available – you never know when you might need an adapter, a lock anti-rotation device, a finger pull, a ball catch or a slide shoe.

Maybe you only have simple well known requirements for most of your cabinets – but when you need a drawing pocket, knuckle cover, dust cap, slam latch or slide bolt – then we will be here.

Common needs often include door stays, magnetic catches and touch latches – so we have those – along with “C” clips, covers and serrated washers.

In fact if you are in the panel building business then we can provide what you need – and if you don’t see it at our Online shop then call or e-mail and we will check with our suppliers.

Front and rear mounted cage nuts for 19″ and other applications

13 January 2017
Thumbnail image for Front and rear mounted cage nuts for 19″ and other applications

Traditional rear insert cage nuts for 19″ racks or other punched rail mounting systems have been a mainstay of panel mounting for many years – now we have also introduced the Dirak  front insert cage nuts for even simpler and quicker assembly – M5, M6 and M8 sizes are available. Rear mounting is fine where access […]

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Smooth operator roller cam suits quarter-turn locks

13 October 2016
Thumbnail image for Smooth operator roller cam suits quarter-turn locks

The new DIRAK 1-105 roller cam increases operator comfort and feel while protecting paintwork – protecting interior equipment from contamination, e.g. servers, caused by paint chipping or corrosion. The roller action offers lower friction and a soft plastic surface in place of the hard metal ramp of most cams which can cause paint damage and […]

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New adjustable cam for quarter-turn latches

29 September 2016
Thumbnail image for New adjustable cam for quarter-turn latches

The new DIRAK 7-077.01SL  is an adjustable cam to enable correct fit to be achieved on new enclosures or cabinets and to compensate for gasket set over time and is especially necessary where doors and covers are subject to ongoing vibration, so ensuring security of the installation. This novel cam arrangement may be re-adjusted manually […]

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New adjustable clamping lever

20 September 2016
Thumbnail image for New adjustable clamping lever

The 6-141 adjustable clamping lever offers quick, easy and tool-less fixing of components with push-button activated release or adjustment – it is available at our Online store. It is suitable for short-term location of work pieces or frameworks which require frequent manual re-setting, e.g. during production processes – or for temporary structures such as instrument […]

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New vibration isolator for equipment mounting

29 June 2016
Thumbnail image for New vibration isolator for equipment mounting

When vibrating machines are mounted they often require the vibration to be damped out for the benefit of personnel or adjacent equipment. Likewise, delicate machines and instruments require to be isolated from external vibration – the Harter F100 damper does this. These F100 series mounting dampers allow the interposition of rubber spring elements configured as […]

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New illuminating indicator for quarter-turn locks

29 April 2016
Thumbnail image for New illuminating indicator for quarter-turn locks

We like this new little gadget – its an LED module from DIRAK  which provides users with a flashing red alert on quarter-turn locks to indicate an “open” status, so addressing problems of doors being left fully or partially open. Of course this is especially obvious in low light conditions acting as a reminder to time […]

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