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We have been excited by the possibilities of the SNAP-LINE® range for use in fabricating flat pack enclosures as illustrated by the videos available on our website and Youtube channel. The D-SNAP technology has been designed for quick easy use and has been applied to a full range of components from panel joiners to hinges and swinghandles so that a complete assembly may be produced for flat transport and simple assembly on site.

We now offer the full range of locks/handles, hinges, compression latches, quarter-turns, swinghandles, joining elements, pull handles and slam latches which are likely to interest specialist enclosure or cabinet builders who are looking for a simple labour saving way to rationalise panel punching and subsequent assembly. The SNAP-LINE® system features a unique clip-in and tool removal system covering metal thicknesses from 0.8mm up to 2.7mm in convenient steps to suit normal industrial practice with degrees of sealing offered by hinges and locks/handles to achieve up to IP65 where specified.

FDB's SNAP-LINE package of panel joiner module, hinge and swinghandleThis unique modular technology requires only rectangular hole punching to suit the relevant component which can then be pushed into place by hand to achieve a firm positive fit. The system can be used to fabricate complete cabinets by means of joining elements which can hold sides to back, panels to frames – other components then complete the assembly with snap-in hinges and door closure/security items and so on. The technology that enables this involves careful use of detail design criteria and spring utilisation to ensure a “locked-in” tight fit once installed and a robust assembly when in use.  

An excellent example is the 40mm long cast hinges with 180° capability and sealing capacity to IP65 with RH or LH operation  which are particularly applicable where full door opening is required, either for maximum door clearance, e.g. for insertion of equipment – or for access to the rear of the door. They may be used on standalone enclosures/racks or on suited style side-by-side installations with three versions available – with M5 cast in screws, with screws on one leaf and SNAP-LINE® fitting on the other leaf – or with SNAP-LINE® (D-SNAP®) technology on both leaves to enable a simple “blind” push-in fitting that does not require access from the rear – this can provide up to 90% savings in hinge assembly time. 

The D-SNAP® range of panel assembly joiners, locks, hinges etc is designed to enable specialist cabinet builders to quickly fabricate housings with flat sheet into a robust structure. These specialist joiner components operate to fasten two or more sheet metal panels together by simply pressing and snapping the joiner into prepared panel cutouts. They are ideal for fastening cabinet components, e.g. removable top or base and for robust firm fixing of panels of similar or varying thickness, e.g. multi-component motor control cabinets. 

The 1-044SL is intended for permanent assembly or joining of cabinets side by side whereas the 1-045SL is specifically for situations where one panel may require regular removal, e.g. for maintenance. The 1-046SL also allows one panel to be removed; it is the ideal solution where lighting panels for example have to be removed. The fixed side is fastened with screws enabling the joiner to be used with materials such as wood or for retro-fit installation where hole purchasing is not a possibility. 

D-SNAP® joiners will adjust to varying thicknesses of panel and use standard 30x10mm cut-outs enabling rapid assembly after painting. Where removable panels are needed then pull-off forces may be chosen from 15N/30N/50N dependent upon component. 

As a finishing touch a low profile SNAP-LINE® swinghandle is ideal for enclosures and control panels where “no-tools” snap-in fitment and resistance to vibration will be appreciated. Features of this D-SNAP® technology unit include clamping ranges from 0.7mm to 5.3mm, LH and RH application and blind assembly, all in a low cost package which – like the D-SNAP® hinges – can save up to 90% of assembly time compared to other swinghandles. Fitment is by means of a simple 110x25mm cut-out – removal is also accomplished quickly and without tools.