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Gasket sealing profiles – we’ve got the lot!

Enclosure gasket profiles from FDB Panel FittingsOne of the most important issues for enclosure manufacturers is the question of gasket sealing – what profile to choose, how to accommodate it and what sort of ingress protection does it provide? At FDB Panel Fittings we have assembled a range of specialist products from simple closed cell rectangular rubber foam strips in natural rubber or neoprene, through window gaskets in EPDM, up to grooved clip-on profiles with hollow section. Special sections are available to suit EMI/RFI requirements in EPDM with an additional Cu/Sn fleece to provide the necessary conductivity.

Rectangular section foam profiles feature closed cells with low absorption and quick fit self-adhesive backing, while clip-on gasket sections incorporate a metal spine to grip the door flange. Others are designed for easy insertion into a channel with moulded lips to aid retention in use. Some gasket profiles are especially suited to applications requiring internal pressure either higher or lower than the external environment.

 These industrial sections exhibit excellent resistance to industrial/external conditions including weathering. Use of the FDB gasket radius fillet also ensures tidy sealing of square corners when using clip-fit sections. 

Gasket lengths, together with locks, hinges and other accessories may be supplied under the Rocfast program as consolidated production packs to original equipment manufacturers.