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Quarter turn lock components and assembly

Rocfast lock assembly from FDB Panel Fittings

Quarter turn locks are such a day to day item in the enclosure industry that we can sometimes loose sight of the sheer variety of components available to meet different situations – for example we have a large selection of lock bodies, cylinders, cams, keys etc listed at our online store but there are many more in manufacturers catalogues and it can take a real expert to find their way through the whelter of possibilities. This is where our Rocfast assembly and logistics service comes in and is proving increasingly popular for the way we are able to simplify the purchasing process by getting the specification right for the job while saving customers time and money.

Crown Key IP65 lock for telecom cabinets from FDB Panel FittingsOur 1/4 turn lock experts daily help customers to sort through our component base of zinc die, stainless steel and reinforced plastic parts to establish the optimum mix of modular items – then we organise assembly and delivery to anywhere in the world suitably packaged and ready to install with all the correct keys, sealing and earthing washers.

So whether you need IP 65 or 69 for electrical, electronic enclosures or cabinets in the food or medical industry or in the factory, in Iceland, Dubai, London, Bristol, Birmingham or Manchester call us to help.