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Specialist Network Rail DC immune AC protection

Specialist Network Rail DC immune AC protection from FDB Electrical

Designed and supplied to the Railway Industry for approaching 50 years, our latest RCBO devices are approved by Network Rail for AC protection of devices in DC electrified areas, e.g. where train supply is by a third rail, the FDB series of DC immune RCBO panels protects personnel associated with ancillary equipment such as video screens and cafeteria equipment – also machinery in engineering/maintenance sheds.

Solid state DC immunity ensures stability of RCBO operation in single phase and 3 phase applications without spurious tripping from DC induced currents.

FDB11 is a single phase unit for up to 60 amps, FDB13 operates with 3 phases at up to 60 amps and FDB2 is a modular multi-way general purpose single phase panel for up to 32 amps but horizontally or vertically stackable to provide as many Type C RCBO units as required.

Available at our Online Store or contact us via our FDB Electrical website.