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Quick and smooth pin hinge

FDB1841 pin hinge for electrical and electronic cabinetsThis concealed pin hinge is ideal for nested doors such as 19” cabinets and wall mounted racks. It is also suitable for quick access side panels on stand-alone cabinets. The space saving design enables a simple clip-in fitting at both the top and bottom of the door with “no tools”, while a manually operated sprung pin allows for easy and quick installation/removal. The ingenious simplicity of this hinge assembly ensures that with 2 of these low cost items per door and a 5 second installation, panel hinging may be quickly accomplished.

The hinge pin body incorporates an integral spacer/bearing washer for smooth operation and can be easily and quickly clipped into a 10mm dia hole with clever ramped clips to accommodate thicknesses from 1.4mm to 1.6mm. It is ideal for light duty panels or doors such as found on housings and 19” cabinets for electronics, e.g. for computers/servers in telecommunications, internet etc from factory and building control systems to aerospace, military and astronomical observation.