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Stainless steel “easy clean” IP67 lock

Our recently announced 7-081 IP67 stainless steel quarter-turn lock has a wealth of features that ensure its suitability for food processing and electronic clean room assembly areas.

Easy clean IP 67 lockThe easy to clean polished and rounded shape eliminates crevices that could trap debris, thus preventing accumulation of dirt and bacterial contamination in conjunction with  conventional cleaning methods, including high pressure cleaning. There is a reduced risk of injuries and guaranteed germ free environment within the enclosure. The 7-081 complies with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements and features special red silicone gasketing for easy identification.

Additional features include electrical continuity by use of a grounding nut to protect users against static discharge. The wide variety of cams available ensures that there is high application flexibility and optimal fit to frame width.

Locks can be delivered pre-assembled under our Rocfast brand package.