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1110 quick-fit 120 degree hinge from FDB Panel Fittings for lay-on cabinet doors

We love hinges here at “Panel Fittings” so we have pages and pages of them at our Online store in many types and styles; including lift-off, screw-on, weld-on, surface mounted, concealed, continuous and butt hinges.

2 stage hinges for flush doors from FDB Panel FittingsAvailable in zinc die, polyamide, steel and stainless steel according to specification.


180° die cast butt hinges now available online from FDB Panel Fittings Traditional die-cast hinges from FDB Panel Fittings

Then we have a couple of Knowledge Base articles KB02.1 and KB04.1  and a handy Hinge Calculator tool also available here. hinge calculator tool

Shop fitting fasteners from FDB Panel Fittings

Among other places the FDB Panel Fittings range of fasteners find application in shop fitting manufacture, not only quarter-turn locks and swinghandles in checkout islands but also quick-fix/release fasteners around the display section of stores where they may be used to hold price indicators, product cards and special offers. For cupboards and storage space at the checkout rapid keyless access is provided with wing handles, while triangular key or cylinder locks are also typical – for more security digital combination locks may be preferred.

Elsewhere, captive Snapline connectors and push-fit fasteners with tool or toolless operation are suited to widespread use in stores generally and can be found at the FDB Online Store available ex-stock for urgent delivery.

Polyamide hinges for storage boxes, personal storage, specialist panels and machine panels

We now carry a wide selection of panel hinges in engineering grade polyamide plastic which offer good looks, good strength and low cost for enclosure doors and general access. These are frequently an excellent alternative to stainless steel, where good resistance to corrosion is required but not the ultimate heavy duty strength of stainless. Glass reinforced polyamide is a proven material in this application where good appearance, low cost and good performance are required with long service life and a high degree of corrosion resistance.
FDB1841 pin hinge for electrical and electronic cabinets

Our Online store carries lift off , butt style, removable pin and push-fit clip-in types ex-stock for simple ordering and instant delivery. For other types please contact our expert trained staff who will be pleased to suggest other versions which we have available.

A selection of Hinges from FDB Panel FittingsWe are delighted to now have even more hinges in stock than ever before including : friction hinges, polyamide hinges, concealed hinges, lift off hinges, Snapline hinges, butt/leaf hinges, continuous hinges and surface mounted hinges. Also of course we now have many of these available from our online store where we currently have 91 types on offer and more coming online soon – in addition we have a team of people here who would be delighted to assist you in choosing a hinge that suits your application and budget.

Following our hinge related theme …….

30 April 2014

Our catalogue Hinge section includes a good selection of internal concealed hinges, flush hinges and butt hinges – straight, cranked and offset. Traditional bullet and continuous piano hinges feature as do sophisticated architectural and very simple pin hinges. Materials vary from zinc diecast and brass through mild steel and stainless steel to reinforced polyamide engineering plastic. […]

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Something for everybody

26 June 2012

In the world of enclosure hardware we have always focused on the main areas of enclosure locks, hinges, handles and gaskets – and have recently added mechanical combination locks and digital code entry locks. Our hinge offering has also been supplimented with glass door hinges, decorative and heavy duty hinges – so that now we […]

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An exceptional hinge range……

26 January 2012

Here at FDB Panel Fittings we offer an unrivalled range of quality hinges for all industrial applications – this includes internal hinges and external hinges – for weld-on or bolt-on fitting – as well as hinges for cabinets, panels and enclosures we now offer an extensive selection of architectural types for applications through from domestic to […]

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New polyamide hinges

14 October 2011

Our new 54 series of hinges are designed with a view to optimising aesthetic style, lightness and strength. They are specifically intended for enclosures, 19 inch racks, cabinets, door panels in the specialist panel industry and for storage boxes, personal storage facilities, special machines etc where their curved style adds a certain design flair to the […]

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FDB Panel Fittings for Every Enclosure

20 September 2011

Welcome to our news blog – covering the range and use of FDB Panel Fittings for industries including manufacturing, industrial, electrical, controls, electronics, telecommunications, marine and many more – infact ” for every enclosure “. For your convenience please use the tags below to find further information. Share the post “FDB Panel Fittings for Every Enclosure” […]

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