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Solutions for Electronic Racks and Server Cabinets

From FDB - the Panel Fittings solution for Electronic Racks and Server CabinetsHere at FDB – the “Panel Fittings for every enclosure” company we are delighted to offer a full range of proven accessory solutions suited to Electronic Racks and Server Cabinets.

Typically such enclosures feature the need for specialist handles, hinges, swinghandles, rod latches and guides, door gasket, cable management devices, finger pull handles, captive fasteners, plus assorted guides etc.

Many of our range are specifically designed with time-saving in mind such as the captive flex fastener system for 19” panels with manual or quick quarter-turn operation by Phillips screwdriver.

Such detail attention to the needs of modern day telecoms or other equipment housings is central to our role as panel fittings specialists – so please give us a call to discuss your electronic and server cabinet panel fitting needs.