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Rocfast lock assembly from FDB Panel Fittings now offers up to IP67 sealing

Our ROCFAST assembly logistics program ensures that specialist panel builders get the right specification of lock or latch while saving time and saving cost. A call to our team here at Panel Fittings will take a customer through the multi step selection process of choosing the right sizes of components, right lock variant and right sealing option, perhaps compiling a fitting pack with hinges and gasket so that it can all be assembled and delivered where it is needed, when required.

See also our ROCFAST guides for when you want to browse through the process.

We take the stress and chore out of locks so all you have to do is fit them!

Rocfast lock assembly guide from FDB Panel Fittings

Our new Rocfast guide to lock assembly now available free from the links below is a how-to-do-it selection assistant from our respected experts in specialist cabinet and enclosure hardware.

Customers are walked through the logical process of determining which housing, insert, cam, cut-out, and/or cam adapter may be required for standard or extended body locks in common finishes and how to select the correct part number to ensure the desired part is ordered. Accessories such as handle inserts, dust caps and finger pulls, serrated lock washers and earth nuts are highlighted, as are slide shoes for cams which help provide a positive compression while reducing the friction and paint damage caused by constant operation.

You can download free from www.fdb.co.uk/rocfastdownloads, or contact marketing@fdb.co.uk or call us on 0208 568 1616 for a free hard copy leaflet.

Lock range from FDB

Our Rocfast enclosure lock assembly and logistics service includes all our ¼ turn favourites with appropriate keys, with IP rated sealing if required, with cams of all types, traditional L or T handles, swinghandles and compression locks as applicable. This specialist service program can efficiently provide to site modern modular component systems or traditional single kit formats and with one-off or scheduled program deliveries as well as separate packaging of locks/backnuts/keys etc to suit schedule requirements. Where required complete fitting kits can be supplied including lock/s, hinges, gasket, and with lock cylinders+keys forwarded to a separate destination if desired.

This Rocfast program has proven successful in saving time, money and mistakes by guiding customers through the process of specification, component matching, ordering, assembly, packaging and logistics – direct to site – worldwide.

Contact our skilled and helpful team to organise your Rocfast service.

As specialist distributors here at FDB we take great pride in our relationships with top brands of Panel Fittings for cabinets and enclosures- This is exemplified by our status with DIRAK as their main UK distributor and a key part of their global service network – and by the many long standing and close relationships we have with companies such as EMKA, and Giussani, – also Western Body Hardware, Lowe & Fletcher, Southco, Gold and Wassall, Pinet,  Ronis, and Industrilas.

IP65 1/4 turn locks with integral finger pull handle from FDB Panel FittingsThese ongoing relationships help us to provide the best, most appropriate products and most efficient service possible for our customers while feeding into our own Rocfast branded assembly/logistics program – so we were delighted recently to have the opportunity of technical training with both EMKA – focusing on their extensive specialist hinge program – and with Giussani on their locks/handles and locking handles – see here for details at our Online store – in addition we had a great time with their tech teams and learned a lot that we hope to pass on to customers in due course.

For more on this and on how we can help you with your panel fittings requirements please contact our enthusiastic sales team who are keen to make use of their latest training expertise!

Rocfast assembly and logistics service saves time, money and mistakes

22 May 2015

We hear quite a lot about re-shoring of manufacturing to the UK, Europe and the US – and certainly from the interest and business levels we see reported at exhibitions and the trade media this seems to be a time of growth for UK manufacturing companies – who are often now stretched to increase output […]

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Rocfast and Snapline – right locks, right time

29 January 2014

We were delighted recently to find that our Rocfast program, combined with the novel D-SNAP technology, enabled rapid on-site enclosure lock changes with substantial saving in time and money for one enterprising customer. The SNAPLINE series of zinc die or polyamide bodied locks with adjustable L/R 90° operation clips securely into a standard rectangular cut […]

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T Handles, Locks, Hinges and Cams “To Go” on the Bus Stop Bar

4 December 2013

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Another satisfied customer!

9 January 2013

We were delighted to recieve this unsolicited testimonial from a satisfied customer: ” We have just taken delivery of the locks and once again I would like to thank you for pushing this through. We are very grateful for your support and continue to be impressed by the speed of your service.” – from an Air […]

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Rocfast service pack

28 September 2012

As long-time suppliers to the specialist enclosure and panel fittings market, we at FDB have greatly added to and consolidated our range in recent months and are delighted to now stock and supply to ISO 9001 an extensive range of locks, handles, hinges, seals and other panel hardware from stock at competitive prices with the benefit of our […]

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Rocfast lock assembly service

5 January 2012

The Rocfast program is a new service which we expect to save time, money and mistakes by offering quality locks assembled and delivered direct from our Panel Fittings experts here at FDB – including all major market leading industry brands. The Rocfast lock assembly service is designed to take the hard work out of an order […]

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